Ensuring Privacy and Consent (EPAC)

September 11, 2007

The second and more challenging nut the NSIP started to crack was the ID management theme. Not only is it more controversial, emotive and higher profile than the previously launched Human Vulnerabilities call, but we also noted that there was an already active constituency out there to engage with. It was therefore all the more important that we chose an area where the TSB could make a difference and demonstrate impact.

We started by gaining support from the Home Office, the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) and then engaged with the Research Councils and so began the formation of our EPAC project team. We looked at how we could sponsor research and development activities that balanced the intrusive nature of identity services and network security with expectations of privacy and consent. We decided to use a “sandpit” as the vehicle to bring collaborative research teams together in order to introduce the best organisations to each other rather than relying on already established relationships.

To inform our research direction we did two things. We ran an event on “Ensuring privacy and consent in identity management infrastructures” on 9th July 2007 at the DIUS in London. 117 people turned up on the day and outputs were captured in facilitated break out sessions. We also worked with IPS and commissioned a report to cover the same issues by personal interviews with some of the known great and the good from the area. These two outputs were brought together into one document “Ensuring Privacy and Consent in Identity Management Infrastructures” as a basis of informing the EPAC call.



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