September 21, 2007

Hello world!!A quick post to introduce myself, my name is Paul Lewis I am the Lead Technologist for the Network Security Innovation Platform. I joined the Technology Strategy Board on Monday, so am definitely in learn mode. I have recently joined from Network Rail where I performed the role operational security manager and looked after governance for most of NR’s IM systems. I’m also attending (virtually) the distance learning M.Sc. in information security at the University of London, Royal Holloway of which I am in my 4th year. I thought I would take the long way round and enjoy studying rather than cramming it all into a year!As you know the EPAC call ended on Wednesday, and my first week has been mostly centred around the EPAC submissions and allocating the right mentors to the right application. We have had a good mix of technical, social, academic and business applications to the sandpit (over 120), so a good mix of ideas, arguments and opinions is guaranteed. I must admit the majority of the work was carried out by the existing team members from ESRC, EPSRC and TSB. It seems that I have managed to parachute in at the right time. :)So whats next? Well, the final preparations for the sandpit are underway, I believe we are close to announcing where the venue will be, what the format is and a few provocative special guest speakers to stir things up a little!I’ll keep you posted.Paul


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