So, how do I use this blog?

October 1, 2007

As anyone who has read the earlier posts on this blog should know, we are heading towards a sandpit in mid November.  There will be about 40 people in the sandpit, made up of about half from business and about half from universities, split between “technological” and “sociological” academics.  Their task, over that week, is to come up with ideas for projects that address the issues inherent in the area of privacy and consent.  Those 40 people will come with their own ideas about what those issues are, but that isn’t enough.  One of the purposes of this blog is to collect your views on what is important, and what isn’t important.  On the first day of the sandpit we will use the views, issues, comments and everything else we have collected from the blog to set the agenda.  This is an opportunity for all of you to contribute.  Start in response to this post and we will pull out specific issues for discussion threads if they get popular!! David   devil.jpg


One Response to “So, how do I use this blog?”

  1. Roger Eden Says:

    Why Bother?

    When visiting other countries that have ID Card, I see that almost anyone demands it, when moving house and signing up for new electricity accounts, when applying for a season ticket, all and sundry, get their hands on my personal details. Clearly once we all carry it, everyone will assume they can demand to see it and handle it. This is an opportunity for the UK to show the world how to do this properly, given that the UK has not previously demanded we carry any such identity. In the past Governments have not had to consider wider consequences. I am sure many in the world are watching!

    Often the person demanding an ID is simply entitled to see evidence that I am who I say I am, that does not include other details, such as birth date, nor even the right to retain details, although to be fair they may have the right to some audit trail, that they have verified the individual.

    Clearly this is a fascinating area, involving the law, technology, cultural norms and pragmatics. No “magic bullet” solution, more like a barrel, with lots of staves, doesn’t matter that an individual stave is made of really good wood, more important that all the staves are present, otherwise the barrel contains no water at all. Identifying the “staves” must be the first task.

    Whilst personally I was always proud of being British, partly because I had the assumption that as long as I stayed within UK sovereignty, there was no obligation under any circumstances to tell anyone who I was, the world is changing, and a locked down identity is increasingly helpful to us all.

    I remain surprised and privileged to be invited to attend.

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