Bright Ideas!

October 4, 2007

Some of you maybe wondering what this blog is going to be used for in relation to the sandpit. It was decided today that the blog is to be used as a conduit between the people in the sandpit and you, the general public. Each evening once the proceeding are comming to an end I will spend 5 mins going through what has been achieved and what I have noted down. Once agreed this will then be published online.Now here is the fun part, you get to comment, critique, rip apart or congratulate the sandpit on the previous days work to help shape the thinking inside the room in near(ish) realtime.

Once comments are coming back, they will be presented back to the sandpit on a daily basis – cool huh! We are trying to do is get as wide a range of opinions built into the process so all thoughts (however off the wall) are represented. I am hoping to try and get as many posts up so that answers / questions can be provided quickly on both sides.

Have a good weekend



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