It’ll work in practice, it will just never work in theory

October 13, 2007

Yesterday, as I was flying back from Canada, I was thinking about Paul’s recent post regarding the way we share our most secure information in complete public.  The cause of this line of thinking was that on my way to the airport, I was sitting near to a man – on the airport bus – who was telling everyone around him – inadvertently – all about his private banking details.   The reason for this, seemingly bizarre,  behaviour was that his credit cards had been stolen, and he needed to get them replaced – in a hurry.

As I listened to his financial details I was both horrified and sympathetic. Clearly, he needed to get the problem fixed, and although he could have found more secure ways of giving the information, I started thinking about why it should have to be his responsibility to solve the security aspects of solving the problem.  Cellular comms have provided us with a huge increase in the number of ways/places in which we can communicate. However, they have also opened up big security problems which nobody seems to have a good solution to.

This seems like an interesting problem to tackle


One Response to “It’ll work in practice, it will just never work in theory”

  1. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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