House of Lords Personal Internet Security Report

October 25, 2007

Sorry the update has been a long time coming, it’s been quite hectic over the past few weeks!

Today (25th Oct) the UK Government published a response, available here, to the recent House of Lords report on personal Internet security, available here. The report addresses the recommendations given within the report on how to improve security on the Internet. The interesting thing about this report is that it take most of the recommendations and shows what it actually being done accross departments. The EPAC sandpit is a good example of the way in which a group of people who would not normally work with each other. are being brought together. This started me thinking.The Technology Strategy Board, is running a conference called innovate, website here, which is showcasing new and innovative technologies ranging from low carbon vehicles, to nanotechnology. One of the workshops which is being held is entitled “Who to trust Man or Machine? A Session exploring the impact of human behaviour on security and how we control our digital identities”.

What does this mean though? Are we worried? There is a lot of press around National ID Cards, but imagine how you would feel if you only had to remember one set of login and passwords for all of the systems which you had access to. Even better, if all you needed to do would be press you finger against a pad and gain access to your information, would that be an advantage or disadvantage?




One Response to “House of Lords Personal Internet Security Report”

  1. Ian Brown Says:

    The government’s response was extremely disappointing.

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