A sense of Irony?

November 2, 2007

Reading BBC news today an article caught my eye (link here). Privacy advocates in the US are lobbying for an opt out list for on-line tracking, similar to the opt out we have on the electoral register here the UK. Is this possible? 

It also seems fate has a sense of irony!

Today my partner Laura discovered that her credit card has been used without her consent or knowledge. It seem people across the globe have been booking air flights. This may seem quite normal but one thing caught my attention. It seem that they were probing the card to see a) if the owner would notice unauthorised transactions and b) how much the credit limits were and c) how much they could get away with. 

The initial fraudulent transaction was from Austin, Texas in the USA but was quickly refunded, (a test for validity?) , a gap of 3 weeks (which is the normal time for monthly statements to be produced) and then around £700 of purchases. The interesting thing here is the next series of transactions were carried out in the United Arab Emirates so it looks like her details have been traded internationally. Quite a distance between the USA and UAE!!

Credit cards have been cancelled and cut up but it does show no matter how careful you are this can happen!



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