Day One: Intellectual Vertigo

November 12, 2007

Day One: Intellectual Vertigo   

Delegates are arriving and from where I am sitting I have a perfect view of all the proceedings, semicirle of chairs and the dulcet tones of Sid Vicious hammering out of the stereo. The Tension is mounting, and the stage is set. It’s not going to be a typical research call. Not by a long shot. 

dscf04151.jpg        dscf04191.jpg      dscf04171.jpg

Over dinner yesterday, a mentor described the horrible feeling when you keep taking an ever higher and higher strategic view as he termed it, intellectual vertigo. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve, the official terminology is convergent/divergent thinking, we call it breaking people (in the nicest possible way). Getting out of your comfort zone and thinking laterally is what the sandpit is all about. Coming up new innovative and fresh ideas is exactly what we want. 

Keep Spinning…. Paul

Oh and we have remote control cars and helicopters


One Response to “Day One: Intellectual Vertigo”

  1. headeec1 Says:

    Convergent thinking is a critical to the sandpit process, as are suspending judegment and being introduced to new ideas. Having been introduced as Yoda on Monday, it’s probably best to say “important is the process, and succeed to will”. Pete Hedges, EPSRC

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