Questions, Questions, Questions!

November 13, 2007

Day Two: Update One 

Is giving the individual the right to choose about their identity a dangerous thing? Everyone has a digital identity, whether we are aware of it or not. Every time we pay for something via credit/debit card or go online we leave a footprint. What if your digital foot print was changed or misused. Is the the lack of security awareness when online a grave concern? 

Will the implementation of a identity management infrastructure to safeguard against the perils of identity theft cause more issues that exist today. If you have one card or one unique identifier that may be stolen, this could, if misused ruin all of your carefully crafted credit ratings.

Who owns the data? The individual…..the State…..the commercial controller? 

The question is always how much freedom do we have to give up in the current climate of fear, security and the information age but maybe the question should be flipped on its head. How much should we technology should be give up to ensure privacy. If we give consent to another entity to use our personal information we should conversely have the right to deny. The term “anonymity” has a bad connotation because it’s used primarily where there’s an expectation of identification. When we talk about anonymity, we generally mean not knowing who I am, whereas when we talk about privacy, we generally mean not knowing things about me.

We all know about big brother, the Orwellian all-controlling state but less is known about the concept of little sister. This is the scenario where separate systems watch over a fragment of a persons identity, but when co-coordinated can reveal all. I.e. superstore loyalty cards.   



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