Ideas are beautiful things.

November 14, 2007

Day Two: Update Two 

Ideas are fragile things. How do you feel when you have a ideas which you have been working on for a while, you pluck up the courage to share it and BANG it’s torn apart in front of you, ripped into a million pieces.

 “Everyone start painting”, was the instruction.“Now, go an give this as a gift to someone, and say thank you”. 

(Sounds of lots of scrabbling, daubing and scratching)

 dscf04611.jpg    dscf04451.jpg    dscf04601.jpg   

“Now everyone take your pallet knife and rip the canvas of the other person’s painting”. 

“What, no, I can’t do that”, was the cry.“Why not, it took 10 mins to create this, it’s worthless”.“But it’s someone else’s work, I can’t do that”. 

It’s easy to look at other peoples work and other peoples ideas and right them off straight away, but to hold back and suspend the judgement is not as easy. 

dscf04521.jpg    dscf04551.jpg    dscf04541.jpg  


One Response to “Ideas are beautiful things.”

  1. The creative painting session…sounds cringe-worthy? I would have said the same thing. HOWEVER, it was not only great fun but a very insightful way of exploring how people visualise their thoughts. We were asked at one stage to take a colour of our choice and make a single mark on the canvas which represented how we viewed ‘privacy’. Every single one was different and you could spendles endless time studying the end results. Mine is going up on the wall when I get back!
    Michelle (civil servant and budding artist)

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