November 16, 2007

Day Five: Update One

 After a uneventful train journey back home (but a very nice chat with one of the mentors), it suddenly struck me how unique an experience I have actually been witness to. We now have five projects that didn’t exist five days ago (I like that symmetry). It’s now up to the consortia members to address the concerns and comments of the mentors.One thing which I would like to reflect upon is the amount of different people who came, not just personalities, but differing disciplines.

Knowledge of other disciplines and what qualities it can bring to the table is as important as understanding the person who brings it. For example a mathematics expert can bring expertise, say in statistics, but would you realise that a this skill is complementary to critical thinking?Some may say yes, others no, but an appreciation of others capabilities is necessary for a good consortia to form and work well. Sandpit is over, but the journey is far from over.

The hard work is still to come.



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