Professional e-crime…

February 24, 2008

It looks like the house of lords is to debate again the report it submitted to the government last summer. This is in the shadow of these news articles which shows that the on-line environment seems to becoming a more organised and sinister place. We have heard about the shift from the hobbyist hacker to the organised criminals well it looks as the professionalisation of this move has shifted up a gear. Websites and adverts are now starting to appear advertising (quite blatantly) for people with language skills to help target phishing emails and make them more believable. The three languages are Russian, Mandarin and Portuguese.

Finally ISP’s have been asked by the Dept of Culture Media and Sport to tackle the problems around the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. I wonder how this is possible to do, IDS, deep packet inspection or just a random sampling. It is very easy to obfuscate traffic especially further up the Internet hierarchy you go.




One Response to “Professional e-crime…”

  1. Chester Lampwick Says:

    I believe that you now able to completely remove your account from Facebook.

    As for medical records, who has the best record for keeping your records secure Google or the Government?

    Exactly how long do you think it would take for Bit Torrent to switch to using SSL to prevent packet inspection? Just another example of the poor standard of computer literacy in our Government.

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